It's taken over 20 years for my chilli babies to have a home of there own.

Fire mama farm crosses the Caribbean and South America totaling over 100 hectors

St phillip & Speightstown Barbados, Cayenne, French Guiana, Berbice interior Guyana were in the jungle

We specialize in growing rare breeds of Carib/South American super hot chilli peppers and indigenous plants, fruit,veg, chocolate and rice.

Guyana's silty soil and extremes of weather produce the most amazing heat in chilli.

The taste of Madame Peppers reflects the cultural influences of Caribbean, Chinese, Indian, French and Amerindian  tastes I love, also the spices mixes are all well known aphrodisiacs this is why the brand is so sexy and hot.

We will be the hottest chilli farm in the world we have fantastic hybrids of chilli great flavors and heat.

We bring the heat and do flavor like no other !
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